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Getting sued is any company’s worst nightmare. It becomes even more of a nightmare when it’s a small business. Small businesses face issues that larger companies do not. For one, they are just beginning. Anything can happen. Secondly, most small companies do not have the financial resources to fight off a lawsuit, resources that larger companies do have.

It becomes almost like a sinking ship moment after awhile.

There is something you can do though. I offer this advice up for any small business out there who might be going through this situation right now. You should try your best to Push Down Undesired Search Results Google to remove things that don’t fit the brand image you are trying to build. This advice is also for small businesses that might be anticipating something coming down the pike. Sometimes it becomes even worse if the anticipation is there before the actual event,


It’s not good enough to just fill the spot for a position in your company. Anyone can do that. Your goal is to find the right person for the job. Your goal is to find the right person for the overall company feel and message.

Don’t just depend on the representations of others. Do not just depend on the word of the person you are hiring. Will he or she be the right fit? Are they in tune with the message of what you are trying to send?

These are questions that many employers do not ask before hiring. This is also the reason
that many companies find themselves in this situation. Your goal is to find those people who really want to be there. It’s not a good idea to hire someone who just looks at the job as “just another job.”

I know to many people that treat it like this. This is another reason why they never get hired. You have to want to hire the person, almost as much as the person wants to be there. This will lead to a happier and healthier workplace.

This will also lead to less lawsuits. Lawsuits are mostly brought upon by unhappy people in the workplace. These people are miserable. So they figure the only way to be happy is to start some chaos. Which brings us directly to the lawsuits.

If you wish to curb this, you need to make sure your people are happy.


It’s also important to think about who you join in business with. Think of it like a marriage. You wouldn’t sign on a deal with someone you just met. You wouldn’t marry the first person that showed you the slightest bit of interest. Well, most of us wouldn’t anyway.

This is the second biggest reason there are lawsuits in the workplace. One company claims they didn’t know what they were getting into with another company. Then come the battles and the war of words. You hear the other side saying awful things about you, when all they said were good things in the beginning.

Just like in a marriage, you need to survive the “honeymoon phase.”

Treat every person you join forces with like this. The goal is to maintain the same relationship once the honeymoon phase is done. This is especially imperative for those of you with a small business.

Large companies can afford this luxury a little bit more. Small businesses can’t. Get to know the company or person you make a deal with. Find out whether they are for real or if they are just going to turn their back on you.


This can be said about large and small companies; however, it’s even more important for smaller companies. It’s not enough to speak about your goals, you need to write them down. You need to put them into action and execute. If you don’t do this, you are just talking the talk.

Your workers and clients are not going to work with a company who doesn’t walk the walk. Not walking the walk also leads to lawsuits. Think about it for a second.

Revisit your goals after a short period of time. Go over each one. Write down what you have done and haven’t done. Make amends to take care of what you haven’t done, especially if it involves taking care of something for an employee. If you decide to go back on your word for an employee, he or she can also strike back with a suit.


One big reason for lawsuits in business is due to lack of trust. I am not kidding here. If you don’t have trust with a company, you don’t have anything. This bit of advice is especially important for those of you who have a small business.

You guys are just starting out. You have much more to lose, more than say a big company. Please heed this advice and take it seriously. Please find trust in yourself and in your co-workers. Without this trust, you have nothing. All you will have is a big empty lawsuit at the end of the day.

It’s your job to prevent this lawsuit and find a way.