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I am writing this content for those looking to score that once-in-a-lifetime job offer. This could be from the firm of your dreams. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about this.

Be sure you research the firm before you walk in.

It might be the firm of your dreams; but, if you don’t know anything about the history, than you won’t get the job. Your application will find its way to the bottom of the pile. You will end up in the category of, “We’ll call you and let you know.”

Just a small Dr Tyler Robison FYI, this line is just a line. They have no intention of calling you and letting you know. If they don’t offer you something on the spot, than you did not get it.

Come prepared.

You need to know your resume inside and out. Be prepared for the tough questions. Be prepared to explain any gaps that might be questionable.

Be willing to answer the tough questions with grace and ease. Expect the unexpected. Come prepared to talk about anything. Sometimes the boss might throw in a hard question, just to see how you react. It’s your job to come out of it swinging.

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